Mail Day #1 – I Love getting bubble mailers

April 14, 2008 at 11:47 am | Posted in My Collection | 6 Comments

I’ve decided that from time to time when I get an especially fun or exciting ebay package, I’m going to share it with everyone.  I got a great package over the weekend from one of my favorite sellers josing4 sportscards.  I’ve ordered from this husband and wife team several times now, and I receive my cards in 2 days every single time I order, for a shipping charge of $2.00.  Both of which are almost unheard of on ebay anymore.  Anyway, these are the cards that I got.

This first one is from the 2005 Upper Deck Trilogy set, and is one of the more unique cards now in my collection.  It’s a little hard to tell from the scan, but the player picture is on clear plastic.  Also, for as many Dawson auto cards that I have collected so far, this is my first on card autograph.

This is my very first Topps Triple Threads card.  I am still looking for the only Dawson card in the set.  I was really looking forward to buying a box of 2008 Triple Threads, but then I bought this card for $12.  Don’t get me wrong, the cards are georgeous, and in my opinion this is the nicest product that Topps makes.  However, out of a $200 hobby box, you get one triple relic like this, and one triple relic autograph, along with 10 base cards.  So I guess that puts this product into the “lotto pack” category.  You could either get some amazing pulls worth hundreds, or not even get equal value for what you paid.  I’m guessing the latter is more probable.  So I’m still on the fence about the whole thing.  Let me know what you think.



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  1. I like the Dawson card, but not crazy about the Soriano. What in the world is that to the left of the 1?

  2. Thanks JT. Soriano is not my favorite player in the world, but I collect all Cubs memorabilia. I also collect Rich Hill, Sam Fuld, Lee, Ramirez, I tried to get a Fukudome etopps, no luck. Anyway, if you look closely, the thing next to the 1 is a little cubbie cutout with a piece of Soriano’s game worn cleat inside. There are actually about 3 different layers inside there, and that’s mostly why I got it. It was a throw-in purchase for free shipping from the same seller as the Dawson. I didn’t have any Triple Threads cards at that point, and it was a unique card at a low price of $12, not bad. Thanks for taking a look, and commenting. I’ll be posting more maildays, and more of my collection as soon as I have some scanning time.

  3. Ah, I see it now. I’m a fan of Soriano, have been since his days in NY. I thought it was a killer deal when the Cubs signed him. I just don’t like the look of the card…too cluttered, and the photo is too small. Just my opinion.

  4. The size of the photo is my only knock on these cards. But, they are a hell of a lot bigger than the pictures on 2005 prime patches. Those are a joke, yet a box still sells for $175. Ha!

  5. Those card boxes over $100 would be fun if my card collecting budget was in the thousands, but for me that’s just too much a risk. I’d like to open some, but I wouldn’t want to spend most of my budget and most likely end up with some no-name autographs that aren’t worth anything.

    I wish there were more sets that were fun, with inserts that are nice-looking and informative, rather than limited-edition inserts where they change the border color.

  6. You’re right Beppo, the “Hobby Rainbow” of inserts is getting very tedious. That’s partially why I’m not too excited about Co-Signers, which I’m still getting tomorrow anyway. The best advice I can give you is: Busting wax is fun, but if you are a player or team collector, you are better off buying individual cards on eBay. You’ll get way more for your money.

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