2008 Topps Mediocraty – Series 6

April 30, 2008 at 10:35 am | Posted in My opinions | Leave a comment

     Well, my box of 2008 Co-Signers has been delayed by a day.  The unfortunate thing about only have one Hobby Shop nearby is that if he decides to close for a day, you have to wait.  However, as I’m looking around on eBay at the cards being pulled so far, the delay might not be a bad thing.  I’m starting to get that old, sinking, Moments & Milestones feeling again.  And I’m starting to realize why boxes of 2007 Co-Signers sell for $65 all day long.  Below is a sampling of what I’ve seen so far.

The co-signer cards aren’t much more impressive.  Maybe even less-so.

     The funny part is, I knew all of this months ago.  Since I’ve gotten back into the hobby, I always check the sell sheets and checklists at magazine-exchange.com months before any of the new Topps and UD products ever come out.  I looked at it again today for Co-Signers and realized that from the first time I looked at it, the checklist for the co-sig and solo-sig cards was ridiculously weak!

     The first “Star” or “Superstar” auto you can even possibly hope to pull starts at the Tri-Signer level, which is a one-per-case pull.  Of course, like a lot of other people, I looked at the sell sheet and saw the Cowhide co-signatures, and the cut autos, and tri-signers and got excited about a new product like I always do. 

     But as I sit here now scouring the bay for what I might get out my box, I’m starting to think that maybe I have enough Josh Anderson and Joe Koshansky rookie autos from this years product already.  So, I put it to you (whatever readers I may have at this point), why should we rush out and pay $110-120 a box for brand spanking new 08 Co-Signers when we might be able to pick it up in a month for $70 bucks??

     And still not get your money’s worth out of it. 



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