2008 Topps Co-Signers……..Ugghhh

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     Hello all.  To be perfectly honest with you, I have not even felt like writing about this until now.  I opened my box of 08 Co-Signers Thursday night, and was so utterly disgusted that I could not even be bothered to write about it until today.  So, instead of posting my box break, I have decided instead to post a copy of the letter that I drafted to The Topps Company consumer relations dept in Duryea, PA.  I also sent a copy to every member of the company board in New York, including the C.E.O. and all of the VP’s.  So if and when I get a response, I will post it here for all to enjoy.  Till then, Have a great weekend.

P.S. – Think long and hard before plunking down $100+ for box.  I honestly think you may be better off buying another box of anything else that was previously released this year!


To whom it may concern at The Topps Company department of consumer relations,


            Thus far in 2008, I have purchased several boxes of each new Topps product as it has come out. I always purchase from my local hobby shop in Crystal Lake, IL. I always buy my boxes of cards at retail, and up until now, I have only purchased Topps products. I know for certain that I am not one of your biggest customers, and I don’t pretend to be. However, I live on a modest, middle class income, and yet I have purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 worth of Topps baseball cards in the first four months of this year. This trend will not continue.

            I left work today and rushed to my local hobby shop to buy my first box of 2008 Co-Signers Baseball. I paid $110 plus tax, and was perfectly happy to, until I got home. This is without a doubt the worst of your products that I have opened so far this year. From my box, I received:

1.) A Martin Castillo Solo-Sigs Boxing autograph

I was fervently hoping that I did not even get one of these. I have no interest in boxing. That is why I bought a box of baseball cards. The real problem, however, lies in the fact that there is a giant scratch running vertically down the center of the card, which makes it entirely worthless.

2.) Out of my next few packs, I then received 3 of the foil parallel cards with badly damaged corners and edges.

3.) A Bronson Sardinha base rookie autograph – This card actually had no damage and is in good condition.

4.) Which brings me to number 4. There really is no number 4, because I did not receive a Co-Signature card!! A few of the boxes I have purchased this year had slightly less than the amount of inserts as prescribed on the packaging, but the whole point of this product is to get one of the dual autographed Co-Signers cards!!

            As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no excuse for this product being as bad as it is. At a suggested retail price point of $129.99 per box, every person involved in the decision-making process for this set of cards should be ashamed of themselves.

            For $149.99 per box, 2008 Finest delivered three on-card autographs, and a rookie redemption card. I was absolutely ecstatic about all of the collectible cards that I got from my boxes of Finest.

            I have to say that I am equally dismayed by Co-Signers. Every autograph is on a sticker. When you really think about that in tandem with the fact that the set is called Co-Signers, and the fact that the entire point of this product is the autographs, it’s kind of depressing. I have been collecting Topps brand baseball cards since 1987, and I have never been more disappointed by one of your products.

            While I was at my local hobby shop today, I also placed my reservation orders for 2008 Bowman HTA Jumbo, 2008 Bowman Chrome, 2008 Topps Series 2 HTA Jumbo, 2008 Topps Chrome, 2008 Topps Triple Threads, and 2008 Allen & Ginter. I will be calling my friend and shop owner to cancel all of them tomorrow.

            I don’t really know how much you, as a company, keep up with web logs and other websites dedicated to this wonderful hobby of ours, but there are thousands of people out there doing a lot of talking about Co-Signers and a lot of other Topps products from this year so far, and trust me when I tell you that most of it is not good.  Most informed collectors no longer bother to read Beckett or TuffStuff.  We already know that their opinions are tainted.  We are able to share our opinions of new products with each other instantly, and it doesn’t bode well for Topps or Upper Deck.   Most people hate sticker autographs. Most people do not like spending $100-$150 dollars on a product, and then being left to feel as though they did not get equal collectible value for their hard earned money. I’m quite sure you have plenty of customers with vast amounts of disposable income who are able to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a year on Cases and Cases of Topps product so that they can turn them around for a profit. I can guarantee however, that by far the largest portion of your revenue stream are people just like me who can afford a modest amount of product per year to fulfill their own desire to collect something they cherish, and have a hobby they can enjoy.

            With the state of our country and our economy at this point in time, with gasoline rising to $4 dollars per gallon, frivolous purchases like hobbies are one of the first things to be cast aside out of necessity for most of your customer base. I am 29 years old, and am able to afford an indulgence or two every month, but I don’t personally know anyone younger than myself who still buys sports cards. I have never seen anyone younger than myself at my local hobby shop, and to be perfectly frank, there has never been more than one other person in the store with me at the same time.

            Maybe the time has come for you all to re-evaluate and decide what’s more important. For you to keep your thousands of hard-working middle class customers happy, or to continue to keep your profit margin as high as you possibly can for as long as you can. Let me know how it turns out, won’t you?





Charles Philpott – Topps Baseball collector 1987-2008




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  1. While I agree with your letter as a fellow collector, from the point-of-view of Topps, the bottom line is the dollar. They don’t care about keeping people happy, because they know people are fickle and will keep coming back regardless of how bad the product is. I came back to the hobby this year after several years off…I would buy a few packs now and then but never bought boxes or anything like that. This year I am trying to complete the 2008 Topps base set, but I’m not sure I will continue with new product after I am finished. It’s just not like it used to be.

  2. I think you’re right JT. I doubt the letters will even make it to whom I addressed them to. But if one out of eight gets read and responded too, I’d be satisfied with that. I just really got back into collecting this year myself. I loved 08 Finest, but the rest of the Topps products this year have left me a little flat. The only UD I bought was series 1 and that was blah as well. I’m really looking forward to Triple Threads and Sweet Spot. I think I may start buying tins of 07 Sweet Spot as well. They’re down to about $60 a tin, and I like the design.

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