Do you have an eBay nemesis??

May 17, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Posted in My opinions | 7 Comments

     This may seem an odd question to some, but to those of you who do, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  That one person who constantly outbids you with 8 seconds left in the auction, and you end up losing by 40 cents.  Or maybe your opposition is that guy who can afford to ridiculously outbid you, paying $30-$40 over high book value just because he can.  My nemesis will remain nameless in the sake of fair play, but I hate him nonetheless.  Kinda silly isn’t it.  He could be a perfectly nice guy, and they are just baseball cards after all.  This was my most recent kick in the pants.

     It just irks you though, doesn’t it?  You think you’ve finally got that ever ellusive card that will complete part of your collection, and here’s comes captain moneybags swooping in with 3 seconds to go.  I think that’s the worst part.  Some guys now have it timed so well that you can’t even submit another bid.

     I’ve actually thought about making contact with the bane of my collection, but I don’t think that would fly to well.  Actually, I’d probably end up getting my account suspended.  Plus, I’ve come to realize that if I had as much disposable income as him, I’d probably be that guy, to someone else.

     So if you know what I’m talking about, or you feel how I feel, leave a comment or tell me your story.


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  1. I spend more time on eBay than my wife would like, but I also feel like I’ve picked up some pretty good deals. I don’t sweat it too much if I get outbid because I usually don’t go for the high-dollar stuff, and I’ll probably have another chance to get it at another time. Just keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see it again.

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    • Paprika: Köszönöm! :)@Beatbull: Ó, köszönöm, örülök neki, hogy ennyire tetszik! 🙂 A cékla-tárkony párosítás spontán ötlet volt, valahogy úgy éreztem ott a helye, a narancs meg ugye adta magát. Állítólag a cékla-málna is nagyon megy együtt.

  2. I know I will, there have already been 3 of them this month. It’s just that it’s always the same guy. He got me again last night because I wasn’t paying attention. It just really chaps my ass.

  3. I don’t really have a nemesis since for the most part only 1 or 2 people ever bid on Andrew Miller stuff……for now!

  4. Ah, I had a one time nemesis. This was back when I collected Jeter. Stupid, stupid bastard!

    Anyhow, I know how you feel. This is such a beautiful card. Hope you get it soon! 🙂

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