Mailday – I’m slowly building a collection here

May 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm | Posted in My Collection | 2 Comments

     Hello all.  No Bowman review yet.  I seem to be having issues with Topps this year 😦  So instead, I decided to add a few more scans to my Dawson collection.  You can check out all of them here, including this one which I just got yesterday.

It’s a 2004 Leaf Fabric of the Game #’d 2/5.  I’m trying to collect one of every Fabric of the Game variation.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.  I have 4 of the variations so far, but there are also Red Sox Dawson variations, and the Autos are all numbered to only 5!  I actually picked this one up for a steal.  The eBay seller actually even felt the need to include a note in my package telling me what a great deal I got.  Little bit of sour grapes I think.  The only other Auto variation I’ve ever even seen had a BIN price of $125.  5 times what I paid for this one!  When I feel as though my collection is complete, I will do a post about all of them.  Until then I’m always looking 🙂

P.S. – I will post my Bowman review at some point in the future, when I work out my issues with Topps.



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  1. Sounds like he should have set a reserve if he didn’t want to let it get away so cheap. I’ve been trying to get some Shawon Dunston cards lately, the Sweet Spot cards (I think that’s what they’re called), but I’m not willing to spend more than $10 after shipping. I figure I will eventually stumble on one that goes low enough for me.

  2. You should be able to get one of those cheap. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for Dunston.

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