2008 Topps Series 2 – Update

May 31, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in My opinions | 3 Comments

     Just a quick aside to the post below.  I actually contacted one of the human bags of excriment that is trying to sell the Fukudome/Japan card for $900 to just simply ask him wtf??  His response: “I got an offer of $300, but I’d sooner eat it for that.”. 

     Wow.  So apparently this is what card collecting has come to in 2008.  It’s a little bit funny.  As I look around at all the other blogs that I read on a daily basis, I have yet to see 1 single review or box break for Topps 2.  The boxes have been out for 3 days now.  Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you??  I might be headed back to opening more 2007 wax for a while.



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  1. I have a review up.

  2. Have you ever made a reasonable offer and not gotten that response? I havent.

    Besides, I got a 400 dollar offer for this comment space and I know I could get at LEAST 700! DECLINED!

  3. Meilleurs voeux à tous les Alembertins connus et inconnus.Ce que vous souhaitez pour l’année 2012 se réalise et vous porte bonheur.A bientôt pour le ban.uetqAngèle et Guy

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