The newest Chicago Cub phenom

June 5, 2008 at 4:33 pm | Posted in My opinions | 4 Comments

    With their first pick in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft, the Chicago Cubs have selected….Andrew Cashner.  A 6’5″ right-handed pitcher from Texas Christian University.  I have no idea who he is, but his draft info is pretty impressive, as you can see in this snippet from

“A move to a short-relief role has suited Cashner extremely well. As TCU’s closer, he’s been virtually unhittable, though he has struggled with his command. He’s had a big spike in velocity, up to the upper 90s to go along with a very good slider. College closers have become intriguing Draft picks over the past few years and Cashner has positioned himself to be one of the first taken.”

The most amazing thing to me is the fact that I cannot find 1 single baseball card adorned by Mr. Cashner.  Hell, I had to search just find this picture.



















     If you’d like to see Andrew in action, take a look.




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  1. I would say the cubs got a pretty good guy, the problem is that many of them wont go anywhere, despite being a first rounder. Look at the first rounds in the past, its amazing how few of these guys actually make it to the show.

  2. This guy will make it to the show.. it may take time, but he will

    • Great idea, but you should make it maybe in the corner of the screen only, or a certain number of antatonions, and size too…Fix those problems and this idea won't be half bad…

    • I made these with Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate, for a little spice kick – just watch because those packages hold more powder than most of the traditional hot chocolate flavors I noticed – you may need to adjust.

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