My first cut auto

June 27, 2008 at 3:59 pm | Posted in My Collection | 7 Comments

     Hello all.  Just a quick post with a new addition to my collection.  It’s my first cut autograph.  It seems a little strange to have a cut auto of someone who is still alive but…

… is an absolutely beautiful card.  It’s from 2004 Leaf Cerified Cuts, the Check Cuts subset.  It’s numbered 33/50.  The card got to me in flawless condition, and I hope to find more of them at some point, as I think this is a great idea for an auto/gu set.  May I just say once again, I miss DLP making baseball products!!



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  1. Beautiful card done just right….I hate the cards with checking account numbers in them.

    • Woot, I will ceinartly put this to good use!

    • Laba diena, 2klusimai: ar Ranair nutraukia skrydzius is Gatwick i Kauna? Is Luton ir Stansted yra bilietu, o va is Gatwick kazkaip nebe… Atras: Kiek laiko pries skrydi (anksciausiai) galima nusipirkt bilietus i Kauna is Londono oro uostu? Is anksto dekui uz atsakymus.

  2. I miss DLP too.

    Nice card!

  3. That’s pretty sweet, checks are the way to go for cut autos. Much better than chopping up a photo or card.

    • That’s really thinking at an imsvpseire level

  4. You should call andre and ask if he got paid for this cut sig. bet he didnt

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