Hawk to the Hall presents – Highlights & Updates

December 11, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Posted in My Collection, My opinions | 4 Comments

     There are a ton of things I need to catch up on, so I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this post.  Trades, new aquisitions, new pages, new collections.  It’s all here.

     First off, I’ve added a lot of new Dawson cards to my player collection.  If you’ve never seen my PC before, or you’d like to see it again, you can check it out here .  I also have to say that I love the new Organize feature on Photobucket.  It’s so nice.

      I’ve gotten a few new Rich Hill cards as well.  You can see those here.  I really hope he can get his head out of his ass this year, and stay with the Cubs at the Major League level.  He is one of my favorite current players.

     In the last month or so, I’ve also decided to start a Billy Williams collection.  Not only because he is a Cub & a Hall of Famer, but because I love his autograph.  I don’t know why, but a player that I like having a nice, neat, consistent signature is very important to me in collecting.  I only have a few Billy’s so far, and you can view those here.  This is my favorite one so far.  I love me some Sweet Spot Signatures.

     I completed 2 very nice trades recently.  This has quickly become one of my favorite things about the blogging community.  The first trade was with Will at Box Busters, whom I sent a bunch of Pujols and other Cardinals.  In return, he sent me a gaggle of Cubs, including these 2 beautys.

I opened 2 boxes of 08 threads and got some great cards, but I didn’t get a single one of these bordered cards.  I think these were very nicely done, licensed or not.

He also sent me the hardest base card to find from 2008 A&G, which is awesome because I’m trying to complete this set.


And a whole bunch of Cubs shininess, including a Rich Hill Refractor.















     The second trade was with Paul from Paul’s Random Stuff.  I had a TON of Mets cards.  So, I sent them to Paul, and he filled the box up with Cubs and sent it back.








He sent me 2 great game used cards that I’d never seen before, and….














A great lot of Dawson cards, 3 of which I didn’t have yet.  Thanks again to both of you!


     Finally, because of the success of these 2 trades, I’ve decided to add a Trade page to my blog.  You can see the new tab up at the top which includes my Want List and my e-mail address, and the link to my Trade Bucket on the right-hand side where you can see what I have to offer.  So, if you have something, or you see something you want, feel free to let me know.

     As promised, there will be more regular posts coming soon, including my at-bat in the second Blog Bat Around.  See you then!


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  1. Aw crap, I still have to send your box o’ Cubs out. I’m sorry it’s so overdue, but hopefully when you see the size, it will have been worth it!

    I love that Jeter Sweet Spot card; any thoughts what it would take to sweet talk it away from you?

  2. Great choice on adding Billy Williams to your collection. Try to save a few for me though…

  3. I’m glad that you found a few in there that you liked. 🙂

  4. As a far-away (Netherlands) STL Cardinals fan, I am always looking for new sites with Cards news.
    I hope that Pujols stays healthy all season.

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