The best trade I have ever made!

January 30, 2009 at 4:45 pm | Posted in My Collection | 5 Comments

     Let me start by saying that I FULLY appreciate every single person who has traded with me in the past.  Especially Mario, whose generosity toward other collectors/bloggers knows no bounds.  That’s been one of the best things about having this blog.  Connecting in some small way with other collectors all over the country has been great.

     That being said, the time and effort that went into this trade is unparalleled.  I was reading Marie & Sooz’s “Carboard Problem” a few weeks ago when I came across a post about a trade they had just made, and was blow away.  My mind instantly started to race with the possibilities of how I could get cards like these for my collection.  So, I contacted Topher through his blog Crackin Wax, exchanged a few emails, and what I got in the mail yesterday absolutely blew me away!



     Two of the most amazing cards that I now own, made just for me!  Topher was equally excited with what I sent him, but to me there’s no comparison.  I don’t know if I can ever thank him enough for the effort that he put into these.

     The even better part is that Dawson & Williams should both be signing in the Chicago area at least a couple times this year.  These cards are amazing to begin with.  Once I get them signed they will be prominently and proudly displayed alongside the best of my collection, and I will be sure to share the finished product with everyone later this year.

     Once again, a HUGE thanks to Topher.  When you have time, be sure to go check out Crackin Wax!


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  1. ….but I sent you a 1 of 1. 😦

    Oh well, looks like I am going to have to track down Mr. Dawson and send him to your house. I just need to find a big enough package. 🙂

    Beautiful custom cards, by the way.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for the awesomely amazing trade, but even more so for this enormously gracious and generous shout out!

    …and you better check your e-mail. Heh.

  3. I’m just a little more than jealous!!! Great looking stuff you got there!!!

  4. Ever happen to get those bad boys signed?

    • Not yet Topher 😦

      Too much else going on right now. There should be some signings this year though!!

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