It’s official, Rich Hill is an Oriole………

February 2, 2009 at 12:59 pm | Posted in My Collection, My opinions | 7 Comments

……….and the Cubs can blow me.  You can read about it here.

     I’ve been a die-hard life long idiot Cubs fan since I was old enough to know what baseball was.  I don’t know why.  I guess I like torture and misery.  I’m probably taking this a bit personally, since besides my retired player collections of Andre Dawson and Billy Williams, Hill was the only current roster Cubs player that I collected.  Now these are all but worthless to me.


     I think what really pisses me off about this whole situation is the fact that this is just another in the long line of epic failures on the part of the Cubs to develop players from within their own system.  Dontrelle Willis, Mark Prior, Corey Patterson, Felix Pie, and now Rich Hill.  That’s probably part of the reason why I sold this when I did.



     At this point, I’m just waiting for them to screw him up, or give him away for nothing.  Has anybody really taken a long, hard look at the Cubs off-season so far?  They got rid of one of the best 2nd basemen in the league last year in Mark DeRosa (he could also play every position in the game, except for pitcher).  His replacement is the so-so Aaron Miles.  They let Henry Blanco go to free agency and then sign Paul f’ing Bako for the EXACT same money that Blanco wanted.  They let Kerry Wood go to free agency.  They send Marquis to the Rockies for Luis “I forgot how to pitch” Vizcaino.  They sign a decent hitting clubhouse cancer in the person of Milton Bradley.  And then they basically trade Felix Pie, Ronny Cedeno, and Scott Olsen for Aaron Heilman.  An aging pitcher with an ERA upwards of 6 last season, who will be lucky to make the club out of spring training.

     And now, after Rothchild screwed with his delivery, and Pinella destroyed his confidence, they ship Rich Hill of to the O’s.  What did they get in return?  A player to be named later, who will most likely end up being a double or single A minor leaguer.

     Go Cubs Go!  Yeah right, I’m bitter.   Good luck Rich.  There’s one Cubs fan that’ll be watching a few Orioles games this year and cheering for you.



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  1. I just posted about this on my blog as well.

    I’m with you…I don’t understand this offseason at all. I don’t see how we have really gotten better.

    Good sell on the Vitters. I don’t expect to see him pan out the way the Cubs always seem to screw up prospects. I just hope Samardizja doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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  2. I guess it’s a good thing we decided against that Rich Hill GameDay! Sorry for your loss, man. Trust me, I know how that stings. We traded away Johan Santana for Carlos Gomez. Interesting parallel there, isn’t it? Heh.

  3. If you thought his cards were cheap in Chicago, imagine how cheap they will go when he starts losing for Baltimore. Yikes!

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