Cubs cards out the Wazoo!

February 20, 2009 at 2:41 pm | Posted in My Collection | 6 Comments

     I think pretty much everyone in the blogging community knows Eric by now, and knows how ridiculously generous he is with his trades.  He’s started his own blog, so if you haven’t had the chance yet, go check out The Pettitte Pursuit.

     I sent Eric a box last year with a few Andy Pettitte’s and various other Yankee’s cards, and I got a box back from him yesterday that my mailman was none too happy about 🙂  In his typically over-generous fashion, Eric sent over EIGHT HUNDRED Cubs cards!  There had to be at least one card from almost every set produced in the last 25 years.  Here are some of the highlights.








You gotta love shininess and serial #’ing









Love the Hill die-cut even though he’s gone 😦









Now that I’ve seen these Stadium Club base cards in person, I kinda like ’em









Little bit of new old-school Cub-ness.  The Masterpieces are so nice.


     Eric also set a new record by sending me 51 Andre Dawson cards!  Many of which I had never seen, nor heard of before.















The original Stadium Club releases are still my favorite.


     I also got another in a long line of packages from Mario at Wax Heaven.  If you have a blog, and you haven’t gotten cards from Mario, just wait.  You will at some point.  Mario is probably one of the most generous people I’ve met in my 30 years, and a few weeks ago he sent me another amazing card for my collection.

     It’s from 2002 Topps Finest, from the Finest Moments subset.  These cards are absolutely stunning in person.  They are all Chrome Refractors, all on-card autos, and most of the checklist consists of HOFers and superstars throughout the history of Baseball.  This one card has actually inspired me to try and collect this whole set.  It shouldn’t be too daunting.  The set consists of 15 cards, and the most expensive card routinely sells for around $40.   I should be able to put together the whole set for less than $400.  Of course it’ll take some time, but good things do.


     So once again, a huge thanks to Eric and Mario for their continued generosity!  If anyone else is interested in trading some Cubs, Andre Dawson, or Billy Williams, just check out the Trade Bucket link on the right hand side of the page.



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  1. I am a jealous, jealous man!!!!

  2. You can never go wrong trading with Eric, and now he went and broke my Dawson record, lol! Great cards!

    • I enjoyed reading it. I need to learn more on this topic.. Thank you for sharing this amazing info.. Anyway, I&812#7;m going to subscribe to your rss and I wish you post again soon.

  3. All us Cub fans are jealous . . . what happens when your wazoo overflows ?

  4. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!


  5. I love your blog. I have over 150 different Andre Dawson cards. His 1992 Donruss Elite is my fave. If you think he should be in the hall of fame, check out my blog,

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