Andre Nolan “The Hawk” “Awesome” Dawson is finally a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame…

January 7, 2010 at 9:16 am | Posted in 1 | 5 Comments

…and deservedly so. Doubters can doubt and haters can hate, but he is in, period.

To those who grew up watching him play, this is the ultimate testament to his amazing career, and I am absolutely ecstatic that he has finally gotten the respect that he deserves.

I have spent a rather large amount of time over the last few days watching video, reading articles, and going over his career stats and their place all-time in the history of baseball.

Now that he is a member of the Hall of Fame, lets see how he stacks up against his contemporaries, shall we?

Here is how Dawson’s stats compare to the other members of the HOF

Avg – 118th
OBP – 147th – tied
Walks – 115th

These three are not his strongest suits obviously, but no one has ever confused Dawson for a lead-off hitter.

In virtually every other hitting category, not only is “The Hawk” in the Top 100 in baseball, he is in the Top 100 among Hall of Famers.

Hits – 40th
Runs – 61st
Doubles – 32nd
Triples – 71st – tied
HRs – 21st
RBIs – 25th
Steals – 46th
SLG % – 48th – tied
OPS – 95th – tied

Then a few stats that people may not pay as much attention to.

Ks – 14th (with many big names ahead of him, including Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt)
Sac Flies – 6th (meaning even when he made an out, he was ridiculously productive)
Xtra base hits – 18th (ahead of Schmidt, Banks, Mantle, Matthews)
Total Bases – 22nd (ahead of Banks, Mantle, Schmidt, Clemente)

Whether you agree or not, Dawson is in, and in my opinion is better statistically and intangibly than a large percentage of the current Hall of Fame membership.

I could not be happier that he is finally enshrined!

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