Wanna Trade?

Hey Guys,

I’ve busted quite a few boxes this year.  So, I’ve finally decided to trade away the things I don’t collect for the things I do collect.  I’ve already completed trades with Wax Heaven, Box Busters, Paul’s Random Stuff, Fielder’s Choice, and Eric Slette (whom we all know and love), and they all went extremely well.

So if you’d like, take a look at the “Trade Bucket” link on the right side-bar and see if there’s anything you want.  If you have something from my Want List, or something you think I’d be interested in, let me know.  My e-mail is: charliephilpott@yahoo.com, or you can leave a comment here.

Want List

Andre Dawson – Anything and Everything

Billy Williams – Autos & Patches

Rich Hill – Autos & Patches

Dave Nicholson – Anything

Current Cubs – In Cubs Uniform

2008 Allen & Ginter Base Set – #’s will be up soon

2008 Topps Finest Base Set – #’s will be up soon


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  1. I guess it’s my turn to ask now. What Dawson cards do you need to complete your collection? I’ve got some doubles handy that I would be happy to offer you… Let me know.

  2. I love your blog. I have over 150 different Andre Dawson cards. His 1992 Donruss Elite is my fave. If you think he should be in the hall of fame, check out my blog, hawk4thehall.blogspot.com

  3. hi charley … i was wondering if you have any Pudge Rodriguez cards that you might want to get rid of … Pudge is my favorite player … i think the Hawk was a very good player in my opinion and i am happy that he is in the Hall … please let me know about Pudge cards thank you … Ismael

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