Chicago Sportsfest – 2008

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     Hello all.  I was busy all weekend and haven’t had a chance to write until now.  I spent all of last week getting excited about going to Chicago Sportsfest in Schaumburg.  It’s a quick 20 minute drive from my house, and I haven’t been to a real big-time card show since April.  I hate to say that I was less than impressed.

     I left work at 5 on Friday psyched to add some new cards to my Dawson collection and hang out with my fellow collectors.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of either to be found.  I got to the show around 5:30, and even though there were only 2 1/2 hours left in the show that night, I was still asked to pay the full $12 admission price.  I was fine with that untill I got inside, and could see from the door that over half of the advertised 650+ tables were empty.  I approached one of the show organizers about this, and was offered several reasons in explanation, most of which I actually believed.  First, I was told that the Bears had suddenly decided to hold their fan expo the same weekend, so many vendors went there instead.  Secondly, a lot of the out of town vendors decided not to make the trip because of ridiculous gas prices, especially in the Chicago area where we are rapidly approaching $4.50 a gallon.  And thirdly, the most believable reason.  The National Sports Collectors Convention is being held in Chicago this year, and it’s only 6 weeks away, so most people are waiting for the much bigger and more highly anticipated show.

     Before I get labeled as being completely negative, I am glad I went.  I found an amazing card for my collection, and some incredibly cheap wax.  I only found 3 Andre Dawson cards at the entire show, and this was the only one not completely over-priced.

     This is my first of what I hope are many.  This is from the 2005 Leaf Century Collection, and there are several parallels of each player.  It has an actual 34 cent Wrigley Field stamp embedded in the card, along with a jersey swatch, and an on-card autograph.  It is serial #’d 6/34.  This is only the second on-card auto in my collection.  They seem to be really hard to find for Dawson.  Anyway, I love this card, and this whole chase set, and as usual, I really hope DLP gets back into baseball!!

     I also picked up some amazingly cheap wax, and struck out as usual.  One of these days I’ll learn to stop buying wax, but I couldn’t pass up these prices!  My first box was my 2nd tin ever of 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures.  I couldn’t not buy a tin for $55, but as with the first tin, my pulls were less than stellar.

     I still love Sweet Spot.  They are gorgeous cards, and I’m sure I will open more, especially if I find them at this price.  I just haven’t had the best luck so far.

     I also picked up a box of 2005 Diamond KIngs.  I love the design of this set, but I had never opened a box before.  I found a box at the show for $47, and figured now was the time to open my first box.  However, my usual luck continued.

     My first hit was a Laynce NIx auto #’d to 100.  This actually is a decent hit I suppose since your aren’t guaranteed an auto in the box.  There are a ton of different autos that I have seen from this set, but the only guarantee on the box is 2 game used OR auto cards.  So I guess I came out ahead in the game.  It’s just that there isn’t much hobby love for Laynce.  He’s not in Texas anymore, and he’s only played 29 games in the last 2 1/2 seasons for Milwaukee.  But, he does have a very neat, unique auto, and he could be on the verge of a career resurgence as he hit 24 HRs in less than 400 at bats in AAA.  So, who knows.

     My second hit was a much better player, but still not much hobby love.

     It’s a Tony Gwynn Heritage Collection bat #’d to 100.  I really like the card, but aside from the fact that bat cards just don’t seem to be all that collectible, Gwynn himself doesn’t seem to get much love from collectors, despite racking up 3,141 career hits and a lifetime .338 batting average.  He was a 15 time All-Star, a 5 time Gold Glove winner in right field, and a 7 time Silver Slugger.  He also played all 20 seasons of his major league career in San Diego, and oh, by the way is a member of the Hall of Fame!!  Yet, you can buy a sealed 2007 Topps Sterling Tony Gwynn box for about $120 on eBay, with the mystery pack!  That’s a $250 wax box selling for $120 because it’s Tony Gwynn.

     Anyway, like I said, I’m glad I went just for the Dawson auto/stamp.  And I had a lot of fun opening some wax, especially at the prices paid.  As usual, any of my non-Cubs cards are available for trade, including the one’s in this post.  Just leave me a message in the about me section, or send me an e-mail.



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  1. WOW! That Dawson with the stamp is GORGEOUS! I’m totally jealous. 😦

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